Telecommunicating Alarm Kit

The Telecommunicating Alarm will call you when triggered, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. The system can store up to three telephone numbers, such as your home, mobile and work numbers and will call them in a specified sequence. The Telecommunicating Alarm can also be armed and disarmed using a touchtone phone.


  • Control via Phone - Can be armed and disarmed with a touchtone phone.
  • Anti-Jamming -  Detects attempts to interfere with the system and triggers the alarm (when enabled).
  • Easy to Fit -There is no need to damage your décor, lift carpets or run cables. All components are self-contained and no wired connections are required between units.
  • Pre-Linked - The Yale Telecommunicating Alarm comes with components already linked to the control box. This makes installing your alarm quick and easy.
  • 868MHz Technology - Yale uses a frequency that is more tightly controlled than many used in DIY alarm systems, meaning a clearer channel with less interference.
  • Part Arming - Set the alarm and secure downstairs while you move freely upstairs.
  • Expandable - Add up to 30 devices to tailor the system to your home.
  • No Monthly Fee - Putting you in control and alerting you directly means there are no monthly fees.
  • Extra secure rolling code transmission
  • 104dB - Loud siren
  • Phone alert when alarm is triggered.
  • Partial touch screen control panel.
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
  • All batteries Included.

Extending Your Yale System      

The Yale Telecommunicating Alarm Kit is able to form part of a complete Yale Smart Security System, allowing you to arm and disarm your alarm system via the free Yale App*.  

*Connection requires a Yale CCTV System with a CCTV/Alarm link adaptor attached to the CCTV DVR box.

Inside the box

  • Control Panel x 1         
  • Siren x 1
  • Dummy Siren x 1
  • PIR Motion Detectors x 2
  • Door/Window Contacts x 2
  • Fixing Pack
  • Batteries


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Easy Fit Alarm Kit 2 (Telecommunicating)

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