Z-Wave Module 2

Upgrade your Smart Door Lock

The Z-Wave Module 2 allows you to control your Yale Connected Smart Door Lock from anywhere in the world when linked to leading Z-Wave Home Automation Systems. Now with upgraded enhanced encryption from Z-Wave's Module 2.

Remote Unlocking*

Unlock your door from anywhere

Secure Encryption

Upgraded best in class security protocols

Audit Trails*

Visibility of when your lock has been used

The Z-Wave Module 2 is compatible with all Yale UK smart locks (Conexis L1 & Keyless Connected) and has the ability to connect to leading Smart Home Systems, enabling you to open your lock from anywhere in the world* 

Advancements in the 2nd gen module include new Z-Wave S2 Security and also an increased operational range and reduced power consumption. 

Make your Smart Door Lock Even Smarter! 

Integrating your Keyless Connected or Conexis L1 Smart Door Locks with the Z-Wave Module 2 allows you to connect and control your devices using Samsung SmartThings, opening up a whole new range of features.**

Manage PIN Codes Remotely

When used with Samsung SmartThings, you can now have complete control over your PIN code access to your lock, ideal for holiday rentals or simply just giving a relative a temporary access to your home.**

Notifications in an instant

When used with Samsung SmartThings, you can always be the first to know when someone comes home or enters your property with Virtual Key and RFID tag alerts.**

Works with Amazon Alexa

When used in conjunction with the Z-Wave Module 2 and Samsung SmartThings, the Yale Keyless Connected and Conexis L1 Smart Door Locks can be paired with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to check if your door is locked using only your voice, for ultimate peace of mind.*** 

Technical Specification
Brand Yale
Product Title Yale Z-Wave Module 2
Recommended URL Yale-Z-Wave-Module-2
Power Sources  
Battery  No
Mains  No
Low Battery Indicator  N/A
Powered By Lock  Yes
Wireless  Z-Wave
Wired  N/A
App Enabled  Yes* (When connected to a Smart Home System)
RFID One-Touch  No
Packaging Information  
Width  48mm
Length  88mm
Depth  32mm
Weight  28g
Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock  Yes
Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock


*Please note that features may vary depending on the Z-Wave system.
**Features available when used in conjunction with Samsung SmartThings Hub and latest app. Samsung SmartThings Hub sold separately
***Amazon Alexa sold separately