Yale SR-Hub & Module 2 Kit

Make Your Smart Door Lock Even Smarter!

The Yale SR-Hub & Module 2 Kit allows you to make your Smart Door Lock, even Smarter. Connecting your Smart Door lock to the internet via the Yale Home App, opening your door to new possibilities such as remote opening and instant notifications when your door is unlocked.

The SR-Hub also creates the perfect starting point to building your own fully customised Smart Home Alarm System, allowing you to simply add on accessories such as Door/ Window Contacts or Movement Sensors to secure your home as well as your door.  

Remote Unlocking*

Unlock your door from anywhere


Add Smart Home Alarm devices to customise your security

Audit Trails*

Visibility of when your lock has been used

The SR-Hub & Module 2 Kit is compatible with all Yale UK smart locks (Conexis L1 & Keyless Connected) and has the ability to connect to the Yale Home App, enabling you to open your Smart Door Lock from anywhere in the world* 

Unlock your Door from Anywhere

Have complete control over your Smart Door Lock, being able to unlock it from anywhere in the world using the Yale Home App. Perfect for those early house guests!*

Notifications in an instant

When used with a Yale Smart Home alarm system, you can easily keep track of who comes and goes with instant alerts whenever your Smart Door Lock is operated and an activity log for complete control. *

Build Your Own Smart Home Alarm


Now you have the SR-Hub, you can add on a whole range of accessories from Door/ Window Contacts to Movement Sensors, allowing you to begin to build your own full customised security system.

Time to go Smart?

If you have an existing Yale Easy Fit (EF-Series) home alarm then why not upgrade? Simply pair your existing devices to the SR-Hub and enjoy all the new security features of the Yale Home App to control and monitor your alarm system. **

*When connected to a Yale Smart Home Alarm System, with an internet connection.  For remote app functionality device must also have an internet connection, either Wifi or 3G/ 4G.
**Compatible devices must begin with the product code 'EF-' or 'SR-' and will need to be paired with the SR-Hub.