Y220 Weatherproof Padlock

Yale Weatherproof padlock is a CEN graded padlock which is high security and suitable for outdoor use.

51mm = CEN 2

61 & 71mm = CEN 3

Available in 3 different sizes 51mm, 61mm and 71mm


  • Solid multi layered steel body protection system
  • Double ball bearing lock for additional security
  • Hardened Chrome plated shackle
  • Weatherproof jacket
  • Key way cover cap to prevent rusting
  • 3 keys provided as standard

Suitable for use on:

Garages, sheds, outdoor storage, Cellar doors, Gates, etc

These padlocks can be used with Yale hasp sets or anchor and cable combinations. We recommend a high security level combination is used at all times to maintain the security level.

Product Options
Weatherproof Open Shackle Padlock 51mm
Weatherproof Open Shackle Padlock 51mm (pack of 3)
Weatherproof Open Shackle Padlock 61mm
Weatherproof Open Shackle Padlock 71mm

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