Yale’s Top Tips For Staying Secure Whilst On Your Holiday

holiday safety

1) Try to avoid any ‘crime hotspots’ (often flagged up by guidebooks), especially if you’re by yourself and after dark. If you do go out alone, carry a personal attack alarm and tell someone where you are going and what time you are due to arrive back.

2) Take a combination of currency and cards and/or travellers cheques and keep it well hidden at all times, or in a safety deposit box in your accommodation.

3) If you hire a car avoid leaving valuables such as cameras and mobile phones in sight. Whilst on the beach keep valuables such as cameras and mobile phones out of view, preferably in a travel safe attached to your sun lounger.

4) Keep a separate copy of all your important documents, such as passports, insurance and health cards – just in case you ever needed to contact the police.

5) Keep a list of helpful and emergency contact numbers, preferably on a piece of paper just in case your phone battery died.

6) If you have any useful holiday security tips then why not let us know on the Yale Facebook page.