Yale on Break in Britain


The programme looks at how burglaries are affecting people across the UK as well as a looking at how to prevent them from occurring.

This Week Dan Donnelly met a couple whose home was hit twice by burglars while they were abroad on holiday. In order to protect their property in the future Dan recommended Yale’s SmartPhone Alarm system.

Forming part of Yale’s Easy Fit range, the SmartPhone Alarm takes home security to the next level. Using the accompanying free app the alarm can be activated, deactivated, monitored or programmed, all at the touch of a button. Once the alarm has been triggered, an external siren will sound to raise awareness of the intruder, as well as sending an email and push notification (iOS only) to your smartphone in order to notify you of the alert.

For added safety and peace of mind, seconds after your alarm sounds, your smartphone can receive images captured on the wall-mounted PIR device to show the cause of the trigger. All the components of the alarm are wireless, so the system can be installed easily, with minimal fuss and no mess so you can plug and play straight away!