Yale CCTV: What The Reviews Say.


Do you want additional smart home security that interacts with your Yale alarm?

Yale’s Easy Fit CCTV system will give you all this - and the peace of mind that goes with having a Yale quality security system protecting your property. 

The new edition to the security family has taken the UK by storm with customers enjoying the high resolution video footage, app control and night vision amongst other features.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what The Test Pit had to say about Yale’s Easy Fit CCTV:

“The Yale system…uses good old fashioned (read - reliable) wires to link up the cameras, with a far higher quality of materials to make this an indoor/outdoor bit of kit with non-stop digital recording.”

“Each camera produces a crisp HD image in full colour during the day, and by way of infrared, black and white at night. The Yale cameras possess probably the best night-vision we've ever tested, with the IR light seeming to reach much farther than other models - again, peace of mind if installing to cover a large lawn or driveway.”

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