Wanted goods

This is due to a rise in the amount of high value items in our homes, such as laptops, iPads and televisions.

40% of Brits said losing their laptops would have the biggest impact on their lives, followed by mobile phones at 32% and televisions at 20%.

Despite 74% of people worrying about being burgled, many of these fail to take home security precautions. More than one in five homeowners don’t bother to hide their valuables when leaving the house, making them a tempting proposition for burglars.

On top of this 18% of homeowners don’t have any additional security measures in place, such as alarms or CCTV cameras. 40% admitted their main security measure is to ‘leave the light on’ when they go out. A further 45% of people claimed they hadn’t spent anything on protecting their homes in the last year.

Returning home to find you’ve been burgled can be a very traumatic experience, so in order to prevent break ins homeowners should make sure they have the best home security possible.

It’s a good idea to invest in locks that comply with The British Standard BS3621, as well as a home alarm. Statistics show up to 84% of burglars avoid homes with alarms, and 60% of attempted burglaries carried out on properties fitted with them are unsuccessful, making home alarms an excellent form of protection and a deterrent for prospective criminals.