Our Top 5 Shed Security Tips

Think like a thief

How easy is it to access your back garden? By protecting the boundaries of your garden burglars are less likely to see your property as an easy target. You can do this by planting a hedge, erecting a fence or fitting a strong garden gate with a lock on it.

It’s also worth considering using gravel around entrances to the garden; the sound of footsteps on gravel can alert you to any unwanted visitors.

Location, Location, Location

Considering placing your shed in a place that can be easily viewed when inside your home, but is not visible from a street view.

Lock it up

Use a strong, good quality padlock to lock your shed. Our weather-proof heavy duty padlocks with a 4-6 strength guide and extreme condition padlocks with a 7-10 rating are ideal for keeping your valuables secure.

It the inside that counts

It’s also worth investing in anchors and cables, which can be looped through bike wheels or lawnmower handles to provide an extra level of protection if an intruder does manage to gain entry.

Shed security alarms

If you already have an alarm for your home, then you could consider connecting your shed up to your existing system by adding a PIR detector. If this isn’t an option you could also think about investing in a Stand Alone alarm to give you the peace of mind that your shed is safe and secure whilst your away from it.