Tips for safer Christmas shopping


- Never leave your bag open or unattended, such as on the back of a shopping trolley or pushchair.

- Always make sure your bag is securely shut by using the fasteners provided

- If your bag has a strap, wear it across your body with any flaps facing inwards.

- Never put your bag on the floor to look at something on shop shelves.

- If you do not have a bag, hold your purse or wallet close to your body or carry it in an inside pocket.

- Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

- Only keep items in your bag that are needed.

- If you return to your car with your purchases whilst you are continuing shopping, lock away your bags safely in the boot.

For added security during the dark nights it’s also advisable to carry a personal attack alarm. The Yale personal attack alarm is battery operated and has a built in siren and cord loop for convenience. It is simply activated, easy to carry, discreet, and provides additional peace of mind at this time of the year.