Secure your great outdoors

Children's toys, bikes and garden tools came top of the list for criminals, with 42% of thefts involving power tools such as electric drills, planers and saws. Most sheds are supplied with minimal door security, so it’s worth fitting a sturdy padlock that can withstand all weathers. Heavy-duty maximum strength padlocks (rating 7-10) are highly recommended as they can withstand the great British weather, even in exposed locations such as homes by the sea. .

It’s also important to consider individual items stored within a shed or garage. Yale has a padlock to suit every purpose, from general usage padlocks with a strength guide of 1-3 for toolboxes and lockers, to weather-proof heavy duty padlocks with a 4-6 strength guide and extreme condition padlocks with a 7-10 rating. .

It’s also worth investing in anchors and cables, which can be looped through bike wheels or lawnmower handles to provide an extra level of protection if an intruder does manage to gain entry. .

So, with the weather hotting up, now is the perfect time to invest in outdoor security so you can go off and enjoy the summer with the peace of mind that your garden and shed will be just as you left them. .