Rural security

According to NFU Mutual, rural thefts cost approximately £42.3m in the UK last year. These figures prove that, despite lower crime levels than urban areas, home safety still needs to be a high priority for country dwellers.

Yorkshire saw the most rural crime in 2012 totting up a hefty cost of £3.4 million. This was followed by Essex at £1.9m, along with Lincolnshire and Kent at £1.8m. According to the NFU Mutual tools, quad bikes and fuel are the most commonly targeted items, so it’s important to store your valuable equipment – such as chainsaws, welding or cutting equipment and vehicle spares - in a secure building behind a strong locked door.

Having an alarm fitted in sheds or out buildings is another effective way of securing your property. Alarms act as a visual deterrent to burglars, as well as alerting neighbours to an intruder. 

Burglars often use ladders and tools to gain access to properties, so try to avoid leaving them lying around and instead secure them in a shed with a padlock.

Some expensive and bulky machinery may require more than just a padlock to ensure security. Heavy anchor locks and hasps offer a higher degree of security for outdoor items, especially when combined with a padlock.