Protect your Heart and Home in 2014


74% of homeowners say their most expensive possession is not the most valuable to them, according to survey by

The survey revealed that although computers and jewellery are the most expensive items owned, homeowners’ most precious and sentimental items are their photographs, letters and their children’s drawings.

Photographs are top of the list when it comes to most precious items, with 41% of homeowners identifying them as their most treasured possession. Items that have been inherited from a relative came in second place at 13%, followed by letters at 12%, jewellery at 10%, and children’s drawings at 7%.
When it comes to valuable items, the survey revealed more men, (29%) than women (23%) say that the most financially valuable items are also the most precious to them.

Items such as TVs, iPads and cars are all attractive propositions to would-be criminals, and although it can be upsetting and inconvenient if they are stolen, at least they are replaceable. Sentimental items such as photographs simply cannot be replaced.

Statistics show that jewellery is the most common item to be stolen by burglars. Old jewellery is incredible difficult to reclaim, in fact less than five per cent of stolen jewellery is ever recovered, so burglars are confident in the knowledge that stolen jewellery is rarely traced.

Jewellery is an easy win for burglars because it’s easy to transport, and easy to turn into hard cash. It can be sold for a high value, without any way of tracing the original owner.

Our 'Heart and Home' campaign will focus on the importance of securing your home and belongings in order to keep your family, valuables and treasured possessions safe in 2014. Be sure to check out all our tips and advice for staying secure,