Keep your presents under wraps this Christmas


According to recent statistics, Britons spend £868 on Christmas*, with the average person buying presents for 12 members of their family or friends. With the contents of our homes increasing over the festive period, it’s not surprising burglaries rise by 20%. With this in mind, we’ve come up with our 5 top tips to keep your Christmas pressies safe and secure.

1. Dispose of gift packaging carefully and remember it’s a good idea to take labels off boxes to avoid advertising your new presents to thieves. 

2. Make a note of bin collections over the Christmas and New Year period as they are often on different days. Make sure you put your rubbish out just before the collection, shredding any labels or documents containing details you wouldn’t want people to see.
3. Be aware of fraud - the increase in larger purchases, restaurant bills and internet shopping, combined with a hectic social calendar, means you are less likely to notice any unusual activity on your bank account.

4. Keep your gift receipts in a home safe that’s bolted securely to the floor or wall. A home safe can also be used to store small valuable gifts such as jewellery and electronics.
5. Try to resist the urge to advertise your new Christmas gifts to everyone on Facebook. If you are posting a snap of your new designer watch, make sure your profile is set to ‘friends only’. By having an open profile you run the risk of creating a catalogue of presents for burglars to choose from. This is especially important if you’re planning on going away after Christmas - tagging yourself at an airport can be an open invitation to a burglar!

By following these simple tips you can help protect your presents, homes and families over the festive period.

*Switch –debit card