How to fit a Keyless lock


Examine your existing nightlatch and make a note whether your lock turns left or right

Using a screwdriver, take apart your existing nightlatch case and mounting plate. This will enable you to remove the lock from the front of the door at the same time.

Remove your existing staple from the doorframe. Then, cut out and position the template provided, which can be found in the installation guide, on your door, lining it up with the existing 32mm hole on your door. Then, mark the central point where the 15mm hole is to be drilled. Using a 15mm timber drill bit, drill this hole, ensuring you drill from both sides of the door and making sure the hole is straight.

Place the electronic keypad in the hole on the outside of the door with the battery cable though the 15mm hole.

Then, using the ruler on the template, measure 17mm from the door surface and mark the connecting bar, ensuring it is horizontal. Remove the lock from the door and carefully cut the connecting bar at the marked point.

Put your new digital lock back on your door and attach the additional handing plate onto the cylinder fixing surface using the self-adhesive pad provided and fix the plate as per your earlier note, left or right, with the correct direction text facing towards you.

Using the template provided choose the correct screw length according to your door thickness. Take your new nightlatch mounting plate and position it over the tail bar. Fix to your door through the holes using the two screws selected to secure the external keypad.

Connect the cable to the battery pack with the three pins of the cable facing upwards. Align the cable into the channel, make sure the battery pack is square with the door and fix it using the screw according to your door thickness.

Fix the wood screw to completely secure the battery pack in place. Place the lock case over the mounting plate making sure that the flat connecting bar is inside the slot in the lock case and push towards the door.

STEP 10:
Secure the lock case to the mounting plate with the two small screws provided. Close the door and use the lock cases as a guide to mark the position of the staple on the doorframe and screw the new keep in place.

STEP 11:
Insert the batteries provided and close the cover. To avoid any possibility of being locked out do not close the door until a pin has been successfully registered to allow access back in.

STEP 12:
Open the battery cover and press the ‘I’ button once. Enter a four to 12 digit family pin followed by the hash button. If you wish to program a visitor’s pin, enter this now followed by the hash button. Then, press the ‘I’ button to confirm that the pin numbers have successfully been successfully programmed.

Touch the screen with your palm to wake up the keypad and enter your PIN followed by the star button. Turn the knob to gain access open your door at the touch of a button below. Your new Keyless Digital Lock is now fitted.

For Full fitting instructions please refer to the video on the Yale YouTube channel.