Hate your neighbours? It’s time to move home and away!

After a long day at work, you arrive home – only to find your drive is blocked, there’s cat mess on the garden and loud music blaring from next door.

According to the survey these are the most common gripes we have with our neighbours, in fact one in three people admitted they do not get on with their those living next door.

The study also found one in seven people have even moved home, citing unpleasant neighbours as the main reason for the change of address.

David Herbert, Head of Marketing for Yale, said: ‘’The relationship we have with our neighbours can have a big impact on our home life, and having a friendly face or two next door can really make a difference.

Making the effort with the people around us will always pay dividends. As well as avoiding the pitfalls of falling out over small issues that can escalate into big problems it can help to improve quality of life and wellbeing.’

The light-hearted poll of 2,000 people also unearthed the names of the best neighbours, based on respondents’ experiences, with those named John, Louise, Alan and Helen most likely to house-sit, put the bins out, and be extra cheerful.

But those living next door to people named Nathan, Callum, Madeleine and Kimberly are in for a rough ride, as they proved least likely to be nice neighbours.

People named David, Katie, Richard and Helen are also good to have next door. But Lee, Justin, Zoe and Annabel are to be avoided, as they are more likely to litter the pavements, let their pets soil the lawn and play loud music late at night.

David Herbert added: “Neighbours who look out for one another often benefit from living in safer communities, and one of the big advantages of having neighbours you can trust and rely on is that it can help to keep your home, family and possessions safe and secure.”

If you missed the Chris Evans Show discussing the survey on BBC radio 2 today catch up here (1 hour 17 minutes in): http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03zdfx2