Fresher's Fun - and safety!


For peace of mind it’s worth carrying a personal attack alarm, as they are easy to use and very discreet, providing reassurance while you’re out and about - especially in a new city.

Universities often have a big campus or are spread out over big cities, so therefore you might find it beneficial and cost effective to ride a bike, but what happens when you get to your destination?

Make sure you padlock your bike with a Yale bike lock and chain, as these ensure you won’t be making just a single journey!

Whether you’re at a city university or rural university unfortunately anyone can be a thief. Using a padlock on your bag may seem like an extreme option, but if you leave it unattended at any point it might be a good idea. It’s especially important to lock your gym bag if you’re keeping valuables in it. Yale has a range of quality padlocks in all shapes and colours so you can be secure and stylish!