Cycle safely

Here are some top tips to avoid becoming a victim of cycle theft:

-It only takes seconds to steal an unsecured bike, so always lock your bicycle wherever you leave it and make sure it's locked in a well-lit public area.

- Always lock your bicycle to something immovable, an object a bicycle cannot be lifted over and something that cannot be broken, cut or removed. For maximum protection use two locks of different types (a D-lock and robust chain and padlock is ideal).
- As many as half of all bicycles are stolen from the owner's property, so always lock your bike at home even when it is in your garage, flat or halls of residence.

-Consider investing in a ground anchor and attach it securely to a wall or concrete floor.

- Make sure you keep your bicycle out of view of prying eyes, as this could motivate criminals to break in to your property, and if you own an expensive bicycle it’s also a good idea to make sure it is insured.