Clocks have gone back…it’s time to upgrade your security.


Did you know…? There is a surge in burglaries in the early morning and early evening (roughly 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm) during the darker months. Often people do not leave lights on timers for these commuter times, and because of this it’s more noticeable that no one is at home. 

The long nights and dark streets mean that houses are easy targets for burglaries – especially if your security is not up to scratch. But fear not, here are some top tips to help keep you and your property safe.

1) Upgrade your cylinder.
Often, burglars take only one minute to access your home. This can be made even quicker through a crime called lock snapping, where your door handle is removed and the cylinder snapped, making it easy for burglars to walk through your front door. Using a 3* AS Platinum cylinder removes the risk of lock snapping and acts as a visual deterrent for potential burglars.

2) Put up an alarm.
Alarms are not full of complex, messy wires like they used to be. Buy a wirefree alarm, such as the EasyFit wireless alarm and simply put sensors up in areas around your home.

3) Make your house look like someone is home.
Empty houses are targeted by thieves for variety of reasons. As well as security devices, make sure your home looks like you are still there with simple and effective tricks. Try putting lights on timers, keep a few curtains ajar and use a radio on a timer to create audio noise.

4) Don’t forget about outhouses.
You may not even venture into your sheds after the BBQ has been put away, but make sure it’s safe all winter with a sturdy padlock.

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