Banish bogus callers

Most callers that come to the door are genuine and mean you no harm, but bogus callers can often seem very believable and may try to fool you into thinking they are someone they aren’t.

According to the Home Office, around 11,500 homes a year fall victim to ‘bogus callers’ entering under false pretences. Follow our advice and keep yourself safe and secure at your door.

Lock all your outer doors before answering the front door to someone you don’t know, as some burglars work together, one distracting you at the front door whilst the other sneaks round the back.

Don’t just open the door  – look through a ‘spy hole’ or a digital door viewer and enable the door chain before swinging it open. Yale’s digital door viewers have large, clear screens and can be viewed from all angles, allowing vulnerable or elderly users, as well as children, to easily see who is at the door. The Yale Recording Digital Door Viewer also has a built in camera, enabling you to take pictures of anyone who is approaching your door.

Only release the chain if you are satisfied that the person at the door is really who they say they are, and have identity to prove the purpose of their visit. Basically, if you are unsure, don’t let them in.
On top of this if you don’t want to be disturbed by cold callers, consider putting up a ‘no cold callers’ sign on your door.