As the weather warms up so do the opportunities for crime

When the warmer weather arrives, people tend to start bringing out valuables, such as bicycles, garden furniture and barbeques, often leaving them outside during the spring and summer months. This creates more opportunities for would-be criminals to commit theft.

Aviva statistics show that thefts from outside the home start to increase as evenings get lighter. March generally sees a 10% increase in outdoor burglaries compared to the dark nights of January, and this figure shoots up to as much as 25% when the clocks go forward.

Padlocks are ideal for securing costly items such as toys, furniture and garden tools inside a shed or garage. For extra protection for more expensive items, such as lawnmowers or bikes, an anchor used in conjunction with a padlock and cable offers an ideal form of protection.


These simple, inexpensive additions to your garden, shed or garage will help you protect your outbuildings and the possessions they contain in time for the warmer weather, giving you the freedom to go off an enjoy the great outdoors.