Are you a Nosy Neighbour?


The study revealed almost half of us can’t resist peeking outside whenever we hear any ‘goings-on’ outdoors.
In fact four in ten can recite the times their neighbours leave and return from work, nearly half spot a new car immediately and a fifth notices if a stranger visits.

Noticing parcels being delivered, if a couple argue more than normal or even when the online shopping comes were other common aspects people knew about those living close by.

Even the intimacy of a relationship doesn’t stay private – over a quarter knew a neighbouring couple were having real troubles and one in ten even know a neighbour currently having an affair.

But one in ten curtain-twitchers admitted they have been spotted peering through the windows by their next door neighbour!

Check out the top 10 things your neighbour notice about YOU!

1. Changes to the house
2. A new car
3. Times leaving for work and arriving home
4. Overall patterns
5. If a stranger visits
6. If a couple are arguing
7. They get an internet food shop delivery
8. Whether a neighbour might be pregnant
9. Evening activities during the week
10. If they have flowers delivered