2nd year student housing

Once you’ve decided who you’d like to live with, you need to start thinking about where you want to live. Student houses range in quality and price, but if you shop around early you are far more likely to find somewhere that you like.

When it comes to location most students feel happier and safer living amongst others students. Most university towns have specific student areas so it’s a good start to look there.

Before viewing a property most people have a mental checklist of things they want…a comfy bed, big sofa, lots of bathrooms etc. However, as well as home comforts it’s important to think about what you need to look out for in terms of safety.

Here a few question you should ask yourself while viewing a property:

Does the house seem secure from the outside?
Think about how you would get in if you lost your keys, if it’s easy for you then it’s easy for a burglar.

Does the property have an alarm? If not could you/the landlord install one?

Does the front/back door look solid and secure? Would you feel safe being in the house alone?
Does the door have a door-chain and spy hole fitted?

Are the locks fitted of a good quality? Are there enough locks?
Although, be warned, if it looks like there are too many locks on the front door, it might be worth enquiring about this, as it may mean there have been several attempted break-ins before.

Are the windows secure? Do the windows have locks, particularly on the ground floor?

Is there adequate outside lighting? Would you feel secure entering your house at any time of day?