Secure your mail with Yale

Our new postboxes are available in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, green, black and white. They are strong, heavy duty and weatherproof and include a quality Yale 5 pin lock with 500 key differs.

Featuring drop down or side hinged doors for easy removal of contents, they are also equipped with extended anti-fishing plates to avoid people gaining access to your mail, and are tested in accordance with EN13724:2013.

Investing in a postbox helps to combat the issue of having newspapers or leaflets sticking out of your letterplate. On a practical level this can be very annoying, especially if it’s rained, leaving you with a soggy newspaper and cold air whistling through your home – but worse still, it could leave you at risk of burglary.

If a newspaper is stuck in a letterplate it might indicate that nobody is at home, giving opportunist thieves the perfect chance to strike. Potential criminals may also look through the letterbox to check out the situation and see if they can they hear any voices or see any keys left lying around on nearby surfaces.

It’s becoming more and more common for thieves to ‘fish’ out keys through a letterplate to gain access to a property. Once they’ve retrieved the keys they will let themselves in and steal from your home, drive off in your car or, in many cases, do both.

Having a postbox at the end of your drive means people have no reason to be loitering around your door, and can no longer use the excuse of door drop advertising. This will help to improve your home and mail security, giving you greater peace of mind.