Yale Looks To The Future With Blackout Security

It was recommended that more investment in power generation is needed, as well as other preventative measures, to protect consumers and reduce the risk of spare electricity power production capacity falling to 2% by 2015, as predicted at current performance.

Yale Future Blackouts

While Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, dismissed the fact that disruption to power supply is a likelihood, the hypothesis got the nation thinking about what life would be like if the lights really did go out.

It’s a reality we all have to consider once a year when the clocks go back. During the winter months (October to March), monthly offending levels can be up to one and a half times higher when the hours of daylight are reduced.

But imagine if the winter night set in without any respite from street lighting. Or, during the Summer months, thieves can take advantage of the cover of darkness when the night does finally set in.

So, what measures do we adopt during the winter months could be transferred if this worrying vision of the future transpires…?

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