A New Point of View from Yale

Building on the success of its family of easy to install digital products, home security specialist Yale has launched another innovative solution to protect your home and its contents.

With distraction burglary affecting thousands of households per year in the UK, seeing who is at your door before you open it has never been more important. According to the Home Office, around 11,500 homes a year fall victim to ‘bogus callers’ entering their homes under false pretences; in the majority of cases, intruders pose as officials in order to gain access to homes with the intention of stealing cash and other belongings, such as car keys.

The Yale digital door viewer range solves the problem of having to look through a traditional spy hole to see who is at your door, allowing you to have complete peace of mind, with a system that is incredibly easy to install!

The Yale Digital Door Viewer has a 3.2-inch digital screen with a clear image which can be seen from several metres away, so you don’t have to be near the door or alert visitors to your presence before you see who they are. What’s more, the large, clear screen can be viewed from all angles, allowing vulnerable or elderly users, as well as children, to easily see who is at the door. Operated at the touch of a button and with automatic switch-off after 10 seconds, it offers cutting edge technology that is incredibly simple to use.                              

The Yale Digital Door Viewer with Internal Memory has all the benefits of the standard system, but with a 3.2-inch screen, and is also able to save still images automatically onto its internal memory when the integrated doorbell is pressed, providing a deterrent to unwanted callers. The images also include a time and date stamp, providing evidence of any attempts to enter your home. In addition, this door viewer incorporates an infrared camera with night mode function.

Both cutting edge systems are not only battery-powered and affordable, but can also be easily retro-fitted to your existing door. What’s more, with a viewing angle of up to 110 degrees, you can see more than through a traditional spy hole, with no distortion to the image.