Yale Crime Watcher App Shows Number Of Burglaries In Your Area

With the day-to-day pressures of work and family life, it’s easy to overlook security, but Yale has the expertise to protect you, your home and your possessions.

Launched on 8th February, The Yale Crime Watcher app features an easy postcode look-up function, which will display current burglary statistics within a mile of your home, during a one-month period. The app is powered by the Police API system, meaning the information is both up to date and accurate.

With burglaries on the increase, the Yale Crime Watcher app also offers straightforward security advice for each part of your home. With a user-friendly design and clear, bright graphics, the new Yale app is already receiving a great deal of interest from security-savvy homeowners.

The Yale Crime Watcher app also serves as a useful tool to check burglary statistics in a certain postcode when looking to move house.

With a range of products, including traditional security solutions such as British Standard nightlatches and mortice locks as well as modern security products such as digital door locks and ‘smart’ home alarms, Yale has something to suit every home and every pocket.

The Yale Crime Watcher app is available on iPhone and Android phones as a free download. You can also use the app online here.