Elite Crime Fighters Battle For Prestigious Awards

The awards will take place at the Palace of Westminster on the 18th June 2013, where the finalists will meet with distinguished colleagues from the Home Office, Police Service and other agencies including The Big Lunch, Get Safe Online, the Master Locksmiths Association and Crimestoppers.

The Prime Minister declared his support for the awards by affirming that it is a great example of how volunteers can support their communities and the practical difference volunteering can make.

Mr Cameron said:

‘At the heart of the Government’s vision is the drive to give people more power and more control over their lives and their communities – the work that all the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Schemes undertake is a perfect example of this vision in action. 
The awards ceremony will be a great opportunity to showcase local efforts to prevent and reduce crime, and I hope it will be a great success’.

The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Browne MP, Minister of State for Crime Prevention and Anti-Social Behaviour revealed his support to the movement said:

‘Neighbourhood and Home Watch volunteers play a vital part in the fight against crime. Recorded crime is down by more than ten per cent under this Government  and these awards are an excellent opportunity to celebrate the efforts of the  committed individuals who help to make their local communities safer’.

Ten national category winners will be announced at the ceremony with the categories covering areas such as Safer Neighbourhoods to Innovation and Outstanding Achievement.

Jim Maddan, Chairman for the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network for England and Wales stated that as the largest voluntary movement within England and Wales, it is essential that the exceptional work undertaken by volunteers should be celebrated and valued by all.

‘Not only will the awards highlight exemplary individuals from across the movement, but it also highlights the staggering collective worth of all of the volunteers who give their own time to prevent crime from happening in their communities.

Just in one year, if paid administrators were undertaking the 173,000 volunteer coordinator roles, the monetary value would equate to £906 million.’

The event has also attracted support from the private sector, wishing to back the work of the movement.  Visav Ltd (Neighbourhood Alert), Avocet Hardware (ABS Locks), Yale and Safety Nets Associates Ltd (CSP Academy) have all sponsored the event.

More information about the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England & Wales) can be found at www.ourwatch.org.uk or by calling 0116 229 3118.