Student Safety

However, amid the excitement and pandemonium of Freshers’ Week, it’s important to be aware of personal safety and home security.

Student houses and halls of residence attract opportunistic burglars, as many of today’s students own expensive gadgets, such as laptops, iPods and smartphones.

              student belongings

Statistics from The National Union of Students website show that the average cost of a student break-in is £900 to cover the cost of replacing belongings and repairing damage – a depressing figure for cash-poor students.

Without mum and dad around to nag about keeping doors and windows locked it’s a good idea for students to invest in a home safe to keep their valuables secure. Yale’s value safe is ideal as it’s affordable and comes in various sizes.

Personal safety also needs to be high on the agenda; living away from home, in an unknown city can be a scary experience. After evenings out students should try to travel home with friends or in a licensed, reputable taxi – remember there is safety in numbers!

Those who do walk home should try to stick to well-lit areas and make sure they carry a personal attack alarm for added peace of mind and additional security.

The Yale personal attack alarm is battery operated and has a built in siren and cord loop for convenience. It is simply activated, easy to carry, discreet, and will provide students with additional peace of mind.