Outsmart the Cyber Burglars

Research predicts that people will become even more reliant on the internet because of new household devices, such as home security systems, designed to make our lives easier.

New technology inevitably brings new risks, but there is no need to worry about home security systems, as the experts at Yale have put measures in place to combat criminals. 

Yale’s digital door locks are the very latest in door security. They combine peace of mind with convenience to protect your property and outsmart burglars, as well as potential hackers.

Yale’s digital locks have a touch screen keypad with no mechanical buttons, meaning no trace of your secret PIN code.

Other clever security features include the fake PIN code function that prevents others from identifying your passcode during access. This works to confuse onlookers but at the same time allows you to enter your PIN, keeping it safe and secure.

Temporary PINs can also be issued for visitors such as neighbours and tradesmen, so there is no need to reveal your family passcode.

For additional security, if the PIN is entered incorrectly five times the lock will automatically lock out for three minutes.

When choosing a passcode it is important to make sure it is secure; it is advisable to change it every six months and to have different PIN codes for different devices.