How to stay safe at Christmas parties

Night out

Everyone enjoys a drink or two but don’t let alcohol cloud your judgment or compromise your personal safety. Make sure you never leave drinks unattended and try to cover your glass when walking around. 

Try to think ahead and plan your journey, especially on your return home – use a reputable taxi company and never get into a mini-cab that you haven’t pre-booked.

If you’re left in a position where you are on your own try to stick to well it areas and carry a personal attack alarm.

Findings from the Home Office state you have a 97% higher chance of warding off a potential attack if you carry a personal alarm, giving you essential peace of mind while you enjoy your nights out this Christmas.

The Yale personal attack alarm is battery operated and has a built in siren and cord loop for convenience. It is simply activated, easy to carry and will discreetly fit into a handbag.