Get on Cameron’s Cycle Revolution

The money will be used to improve existing and fund new cycle routes in English cities and national parks, in order to make it easier and safer for people to get out on their bikes.

The new government initivative hopes to encourge more people to cycle as a means of transport.

Government statistics show that last year just 2% of journeys in Britain were by bike, as people preferred to travel by bus or car. However, with the success of the Olympics, the Paralympics and the Tour de France, British cycling as a sport is riding high.

Amid the cycle hype it is important to remember to keep your bike safe and secure.

You can do this by investing in a sturdy bike lock; Yale offers four different types of locks to choose from. For maximum protection, use two locks of different types (a D-lock and robust chain and padlock is ideal).

Remember to always lock your bicycle to something immovable in particular, an object a bicycle cannot be lifted over and cannot be broken, cut or removed.

It is also a good idea to park your bike where it is clearly visible and to change the location of where you leave it.  

Last but not least, it is important to secure your bike at home - even when it is in your garage, flat or halls of residence - as almost half of all bicycles are stolen from the owner's home.