Did you see the "Burgled" documentary?

The program opened with a rather sobering statistic that Britain is the most burgled country in the EU and that a house is broken into every 47 seconds in the UK. 

These statistics were brought even closer to home when PC Simon Daleyn revealed that there are up to 250 known burglars on the streets of Leeds at any one time.

The documentary adopted cops-style filming, following the officers whilst they were on duty, as they attempted to catch thieves.

PC Simon Daleyn, undercover police officer, set the tone of the program with his humorous and upfront comments: “There’s something about burglars… I don’t like them at all… I’ll be having a chat with him one day, then I’ll be putting his door in the next.”

PC Daleyn suggested the main causes of burglary were boredom and unemployment, with people as young as 16 being sent to prison for burglary offences – often with their friends in tow. 

A particularly interesting part of the documentary focused on an interview with an ex burglar, who spoke to the officers about his own experiences of burglary.

He explained that people made it very easy for burglars to enter their homes by leaving doors and windows open, effectively allowing them to stroll straight in.

Other inviting habits included leaving laptops and other electronic goodies out on display and ‘hiding’ valuables in very obvious places – almost making it too easy and too irresistible for would be burglars.

The reasons for committing a burglary were fairly varied… stealing for food, drugs, adrenalin and perhaps even more worrying, for fun. 

The program concluded with a more positive outlook, accepting the fact that burglaries will always take place, but with help of the police and an increased awareness of home security, we can minimise burglaries.

Here at Yale we are committed to ensuring home security and personal safety. We are now proud sponsors of National Home Security Month, which will run throughout October, promoting home safety awareness.

                           National Home Security Month 

In light of the Burgled documentary, the security experts at Yale would also like to offer some top tips on home safety…

A home alarm system is a really effective way to secure your home. Research shows that 60% of attempted burglaries carried out on homes fitted with alarms are unsuccessful.

It is also important to close and lock all window and doors when you leave the house – even if you’re just popping out for few minutes. Windows and doors should also be fitted with appropriate locks in line with British Standards.

Last but not least, a home safe is ideal for securing valuable items, such as jewellery and cash. Although it is important to remember to securely bolt the safe to the floor or wall to avoid burglars taking off with it.