Burglars revealed

Although commonly depicted as fully-grown men in stripes and balaclavas, statistics show the most common age for a burglar is 16 to 24 – with a disturbing 11% being of school age.

Many misconceptions about burglars come from the media. In the movies they are often seen dropping through roofs in a stealth-like, James Bond style.  However, in reality 20% of burglars require no force to gain entry, as they are simply able to gain access through an unlocked door or open window!

Doors are the primary route of entry and exit for most burglars, so it’s vital that they are shut and secure. Yale offers a comprehensive range of mortice locks, cylinders and nightlatches for maximum front door security. 

Other alarming research shows that a burglar can fit through any gap larger than the human head, highlighting the need to ensure appropriate locks are installed on windows, no matter how large or small.

To avoid burglars paying you an unwelcome visit, make sure you close and lock all windows when you are not at home - even if you’re only popping out for a few minutes.

In addition to a comprehensive selection of locks and secure door and window furniture Yale also offers a wide range of alarms, from the Easy Fit Alarm range to the SmartHome Alarm system. Whatever your need there’s a solution for your property, so keep it secure and don’t let burglars get the better of you!