Bump in the night? Send in the wife!

A recent survey found one in five men think their wife is braver than they are, with four in ten saying they have been woken by noise, convinced someone was breaking in.

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So much for chivalry. When there’s a bump in the night, one in five men is happy to send their wife downstairs to investigate, a poll found.

In fact the survey found that a quarter of men pretend to be asleep if they hear a strange noise while they’re in bed!

And perhaps it’s not surprising that they’re reluctant to leap into knight in shining armour mode – a fifth of chaps readily admit that their wife is braver than they are.

Being Brave

Despite what many people think one in five men admitted their wife is braver than they are. But for the women involved, their courage can prove tiresome. They have 11 sleepless nights each month, compared with only eight for men.

Four in ten of the 2,000 adults surveyed said they had been woken by a noise in the dark, convinced someone was breaking in.

Although our imaginations can run wild, the reality is usually less scary – the most common nocturnal disturbances are thunder, heavy rain, car alarms, cats fighting and phones.

What was that?

Noises in the night are far more likely to be lightning than a burglar.

Two thirds of women and just over half of men have a nightly routine, which involves checking the locks on doors and windows.

But 44 per cent of women and 28 per cent of men often lie in bed worrying they have missed a lock, which for a fifth of couples then develops into an argument about who should get up to look.

The survey was commissioned by security company Yale and a spokesman said: ‘Things that go bump in the night more often than not turn out to be false alarms.

‘However, it is still important to ensure home security is a priority.’