Yale’s Keyless Solution for timber doors


Yale Keyless Digital Lock can be quickly and easily fitted to the majority of timber doors, fitted with a nightlatch. The new digital door lock allows consumers to access and secure their home using a personalised PIN code, with no need for a traditional key. The PIN code can be set via a keypad to any 4 to 12 digit number of the user’s choice and can be reprogrammed at any time. For added convenience, users can also set up a separate visitor code to provide access for family, friends or tradesmen.

Available with and without a nightlatch in a polished chrome finish, Yale Keyless Digital Lock is a standalone, battery-operated unit, which has undergone rigorous security and weather testing. Sorab Khanna, Yale Product Manager, said: “Yale’s Keyless digital door lock for timber doors is a clear innovation to the market, offering an ideal upgrade opportunity to those consumers looking for a more convenient front door solution, without compromising on security. “Electronic locks have already been used in hotels and offices for many years and the same technology, Yale Keyless Digital Lock enables this luxury and convenience to be available for the home. It’s versatility and flexibility in design eliminates the need to carry keys, making life easier and more convenient for every member of the family.”