The real benefit that has been highlighted is the ability for a ‘one visit, one repair’ solution, thanks to Doormaster™’s cleverly designed, compact range of replacement locks, replacement gearboxes and “overnight” locks. 

The development of Doormaster™ to such a high security standard has also been noted, especially with the flexibility of the solution, to enable replacement of multipoint locks in virtually all PVC-u, composite and timber doors with just six multipoint locks.

And the patent protected uni-packer™ system featuring on all pre-assembled keeps supplied with Doormaster™ replacement multipoint locks has also been received well to enable fast, easy, and reliable installation.

Says Catherine Brock, Category Marketing Manager at Yale: “Being first to market with such a revolutionary product concept can be daunting, but Yale has welcomed the positive feedback received as locksmiths see the market opportunity for our Doormaster™ multipoint lock range.”

The Doormaster™ range also includes replacement gearboxes, as well as ‘overnight locks’ for a temporary, emergency solution. And with just 22 product lines in total, locksmiths can effectively service the replacement multipoint lock market from one simple range.