Protect your families with the new Easyfit alarm

The new Yale Easy Fit Range of alarms is a result of valuable customer feedback that was used in the design process, right through to production. Our reseach and development arm worked closely with our customer service team to find a way of simplifying set-up and operation, whilst at the same time increasing the level of security and reliability.

We at Yale have worked tirelessly to pull together this innovative new DIY alarm kit that works simply from the box to give you a safe and secure product that you and your family can depend on.

The Result

Our new system that takes just minutes to program and is simple to use, whilst still boasting a large number of additional professional features to personalize for the security conscious. The easy, pre-linked installation process means there is no need for wiring into a mains supply or the services of a qualified electrician. There is no need to damage your home décor, lift carpets or run cables. All the components are self contained and no connections are required between the units.

Extra door/window contacts, PIRs and smoke detectors can be added to the systems and you can also programme keyfob remote controls and keypads for added control convenience. Batteries in the devices will operate for a minimum of two years before they need changing. Regular testing and battery changes (when notified by the sys–tems) will ensure reliability and peace of mind. The new Yale Easy Fit Range of alarms – designed with the user in mind.


Two fantastic security features that have been added to this new product are the rolling code and 868Mhz frequency. To find out more click here.

This product is available from most major DIY retailers and also from us dircet. Why not visit the Yale Digital Store to buy yours today.