Keep safe and secure during the Olympics


As the Olympics games gets set to begin in London it has been reported by the BBC that an influx of pick pockets are preparing to target tourists on the streets of London.

We at Yale have these simple and easy to tips to keep you and your valuables safe and secure in and around the games this summer:

Security Tip 1:
Never keep your wallet or purse in your back pockets, this is the number one place pick pockets target first. Keep your purse and wallet in a front pocket that is preferably deep as this will be harder for them to distract you to gain access to it.

Security Tip 2:
If traveling with a bag, make sure that you have it pack locked to deter pick pockets from gaining access to it. View Yale’s range of Travel Locks which suitable for all luggage types and for our international travelers, there are TSA approved travel locks.

Security Tip 3:
Never leave your personal possessions unattended, even for a short period of time. Don't be tempted to leave your possessions with someone you've met at the airport or your hotel; they might have disappeared by the time you get back!

Security Tip 4:
When at lunch, if you need to place your bag on the floor, make sure you wrap the handles around the seat or slip your leg round the strap so if anyone tries to take it you will be alerted. Alternatively, Yale offers an innovated new product called the Mini Retractable Alarm which is suitable for added security when out and about.

At Yale Security, we offer a wide range of products that can be used to satisfy you're security needs during the Olympics.

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