It's not wizardry... its Yale's debut on TV


The concept - Take the idea of the impassable door from many Hollywood productions, add some recognizable movie characters and add Yale's revolutionary new digital Keyfree and Keyless locks as the "magic" missing ingredient to help the home owner to get safely back into their property.

In Scandinavia the TV campaign will be aired for 4 weeks in the Stockholm region and main distribution channel with be the Yale Dooman Partners.

Here in the UK the advert will air on ITV1 Meridian East region with an aim of hitting 1.7million viewers over the 4 weeks the advert will air for.

The advert will air between one of the most popular soaps in British television, Coronation Street. Averages of 10 million+ viewers per episode across the UK are gripped by the street's dreamers, schemers, lover and liars!