Open the door to an easier family life

A UK first, Keyfree allows you to access and secure your home using a handy remote control fob or a personalised PIN code, with no need for a traditional key.

The small remote fob can be used within a 15 metre range to activate the lock, so when it’s pouring with rain, you can unlock your front door from the car!

Alternatively, the PIN code can be set using the keypad to any 4 to 12 digit number of your choice, which means you no longer have to worry about carrying or losing your keys. So, you can walk the dog, collect the kids from school or go for a run, and simply type in your PIN to enter your home.

For peace of mind, the PIN code can be reprogrammed from the inside of the door at any time.

There’s also a separate visitor code function that’s ideal if you have relatives coming to stay or if you want your neighbours to check on your home while you’re on holiday. Simply set the visitor code and they can have access to your property for as long as you need them to, without having to get extra keys cut. It’s also a great feature if you’re having building work done and need to provide access for decorators or plumbers, for example.

The Keyfree lock comes ready fitted on new residential doors including composite, PVC and timber. Its easy to use, thanks to the illuminated keypad and clever built-in voice guide, which tells you when the door is locked, unlocked or low on power.

It also has a number of advanced security features, including a tamper alarm and a ‘fake’ PIN code system that allows you to enter any number of digits to distract onlookers, as long as you start or end with your real code. Plus, Keyfree automatically locks on the latch when the door is closed to prevent anyone following you into your home.

Like all Yale products, Keyfree has undergone rigorous security and weather testing, and has been designed to meet Secured by Design - a UK police initiative for safer homes.

Keyfree is operated by four AA batteries and requires no hardwiring or electrical support. The lifetime of the batteries is dependent upon how often you use the lock, but they have been designed to last for one year. The unit has a low battery warning light, but there are also two back-up options – a mechanical key and a 9v battery point, which are both hidden in the handle.

The lock is available from a nationwide network of professional door installers and is supplied in a choice of polished chrome or brass to complement other door furniture. For more information on Yale Keyfree or to find your nearest Keyfree door installer, please click here.