Keep Yourself Safe This Winter

1. Personal safety – Christmas is the official party season, but don’t let your fun be ruined by compromising your safety. Although you should avoid walking home alone at night or being left on your own at parties, these situations can still occur. With darker nights and more social events to attend in the evenings, it is crucial to take a personal attack alarm with you when you go out. Yale offers an affordable personal attack alarm that is small and discreet to carry, with an ultra loud built-in siren, activated by pulling the hand loop.

2. Be alarmed – 60% of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms are unsuccessful and with dark nights providing useful cover for burglars, you should make sure you always have a working home alarm. As well as providing a visual deterrent to potential burglars, alarms are vital for alerting your neighbours. Yale’s wirefree alarm kits are quick and easy to install and offer discreet protection for all types of properties, from flats to large family homes.

3. Who has keys to your home? – Have you ever thought about who has a key for your property, potentially the previous homeowners or tenants? This could prevent a risk to your safety, so Yale recommends that every time you move property you update your locks – but this is not as hard as you may think. By simply upgrading your rim cylinder on a nightlatch or euro profile cylinder on a multi-point lock, your home can be secure in less than 10 minutes.

4. On yer’ bike - If you cycle to and from work or to the shops, it’s important to secure your bike with an appropriate bike lock, especially in the evenings. Yale offers a range of steel chain, cable or U locks, all of which offer high security protection, making sure you can get home safely. 

5. Sending out an SOS – Continuing to live in our own home is what many of us wish for as we get older, but no matter how independent you are, there’s often a nagging doubt about what you would do, should an accident happen. Yale offers an affordable new Distress Alert System, which can be programmed with three emergency numbers of your choice, as well as your own personal distress message. A discretely styled remote fob can then be carried or worn as a pendant anywhere in the home or garden and the unit can be connected into an existing telephone socket, with battery back-up available in case of a power outage.

Yale products are available from your local DIY store, locksmiths or hardware stores. Alternatively, visit to find a Yale Security Point installer in your area.  

For more information or security advice, please contact Yale on 01902 364606 or visit