Don't Be In The Dark About Home Security

So, security specialist Yale has put together a checklist to help you make sure your home is secure during the dark winter months.

1. Be alarmed - Don’t be tempted to buy a dummy alarm just because they’re cheaper, as a determined burglar will easily be able tell the difference. It’s worth investing in a high quality alarm system from a trusted name. Yale's range of cost effective wirefree home security alarms are easy to install, causing no damage to décor.

2. External doors - It’s important that your door security is up to standard. External timber doors should be secured using a mortice lock and/or a nightlatch that meets British Standard BS3621, such as the Yale PBS1 nightlatch. Some insurance policies insist on a BS3621 lock on your main door, so it's a good idea to have one fitted. To find out if your lock meets this standard look for the Kitemark on lock packs and on the lock itself.

3. Replace your cylinder - Replacing the lock cylinder is an effective and easy way of making your home secure, without having to change the entire lock or door. By simply upgrading the rim cylinder in your nightlatch or the euro profile cylinder in a multi-point lock to a British Standard cylinder, you can be assured that your home has the very latest security protection.

4. Additional door security - It’s also with adding extra security devices to your external door that will give you a little more protection. Hingebolts can be fitted to secure door hinges and bolts can also be added to the top and bottom of doors. They can only be operated from the inside and are a useful night-time security measure.

5. Protect with padlocks - It’s important not to forget garages, sheds and outbuildings during the winter. You can secure garages and outbuildings with a weatherproof padlock to help deter would-be thieves and protect against unwanted intruders. Yale offers weatherproof padlocks with a solid multi-layered steel body to protect against erosion and saw attack, plus a keyway cover cap to prevent rusting. Heavy-duty padlocks are recommended for shed doors, whilst anchor locks and cables can secure individual items of high value.

All of the Yale security products recommended are avaliable in many large retailers and hardware stores, or through your local locksmith. For more information visit