Yes, you can. To add two sirens to the SR310/320/330/340 you need to use the Smart Living Home App and follow the below procedure.

Delete any siren already linked, from the app.

  1. Turn both sirens off, remove the battery cover and remove one battery from each siren, leave for one minute.
  2. Refit the battery and screw the cover on, leaving the power off.
  3. Make sure all four of the DIP switches are set to off.
  4. Turn the power on the sirens and you should hear a beep and the three LEDs will flash.
  5. Now on the app, make sure you are in the devices menu and click on activate learning mode (It will spin round on screen saying learning mode activated)
  6. Press the learn button on siren one - you will get a beep from the hub and the siren and it will show on the screen (name it siren one and a location)
  7. Follow steps 5 and 6 for the 2nd siren (name it siren two and  a location)

To test:

Both Sirens should now show in the devices list - bypass both in this menu and you can fit them without activating the alarm.

When fitted un-bypass them both, and arm the system, leave for two minutes then walk in front of a device and the alarm will activate.

Please note the internal siren on the hub will sound and the siren will follow in approximately 30 seconds, this is normal.

You should then have two working sirens.