Yale offers a comprehensive range of alarms to help keep you and your family safe and secure. No matter how well your property is secured with locks, fitting an alarm system will add peace of mind and an additional level of protection to your home of alarms for all levels of security.

Getting Started

How do I install my EF-KIT4 Standard Apartment Alarm?

Please refer to the Installation Manual included in your purchase, or view Yale's 'how to install' guide on YouTube.

How do I install my EF-KIT1 Standard Alarm?

Please refer to the Installation Manual included in your purchase, or view Yale's 'how to install' guide on YouTube.

Using your EF-Series Smart Home Alarm

How often will I have to change the batteries in my alarm system?

Batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years. Each detector, siren, control panel will inform you when this is required.

Should the red light flash on my PIR?

The red PIR lights will not always flash, to conserve the battery life. If you are in any doubt of the operation of a PIR, vacate the area for up to 60 seconds, and test using the ‘walk test’ facility.

What is the maximum movement detection range of a PIR?

The PIR’s will respond to movement of up to 15 metres away.

To what height should I position my PIR’s for optimum performance?

The best height is around 2.3m above the floor, situated in the corner of the room.

Can I add accessories to my alarm?

Yes, you can add any accessories from the Easyfit EF- range, however NOT the HSA6000 or SR range.

Can I have an internal sounder, on this alarm?

This feature is not available for this system.

Can I extend my entry time?

Not on this system. 20 seconds are as a default for every device, however when arming using the Key Fob this will not give you an entry time at all. Which means you will need to disarm outside the property. 

Can I 'part arm' my system, using the HOME button on the keypad?

This feature is not available for this system.

How do I disarm my system?

Key Pad: Press Disarm followed by your PIN code.

Key Fob: Press Disarm.

(The siren will beep twice and flash.)

How do I arm my system?

Key Pad/Key Fob: Press Arm

(The siren will beep/flash once. No audible countdown.)

Please note: the Key Pad will arm the system with a 20 second exit period. All detectors will be ignored (except for the tamper switches). The system can be armed when inside the protected area of your premises.

Please note: the Key Fob will arm the system instantly without a 20 second exit delay. Any detector activated afterwards will trigger an instant alarm. The system should be armed when outside the protected area of your premises.

How do I reset the Key Pad PIN code?

The Key Pad is tamper protected. Please ensure that the siren tamper is disabled before you open the Key Pad cover then follow the below procedure:


  • Open cover and remove battery. Reinsert with the number “3” key pressed (taking care 3 is held down).
  • The Key Pad will go back to the “0000” Key Pad code.
  • The Key Pad will now have to be re-learnt into the Siren


How do I change the Key Pad PIN code?

  • 1. Enter setting mode: Press the Panic Button A, followed by entering the current PIN code (factory default code is 0000).
  • (The LED will now flash continuously.)
  •  2. Press Panic Button B.
  •  3. Enter new 4-digit PIN code.
  •  4. Press Arm button to confirm.
  •  5. Exit setting mode: Press Disarm twice to quit the changing code process, or wait for 5 minutes for the Key Pad to quit test mode automatically.
  • (The LED will now stop flashing.)



What accessories can I add in?

Any accessories from the Easyfit EF- range  however NOT HSA6000 or SR range

What is the battery life of the devices i.e. PIR Motion Detectors and Door / Window contacts?

2-3 years (depending upon usage)

What is the battery life of the main external siren?

2-3 years (depending upon usage)

For what period of time is the Yale alarm warranty valid for?

The warranty is covered by the retailer, normally for 2 years.

I appear to be getting false alarms, what could be the reason for this?

Please check the control panel fault log for any indications of the detector which has triggered the alarm. There are several causes of false alarms. Consider the location and environment of the sensors, for example ensuring that the PIR Motion Detectors are not located above a radiator or any other sources of heat. Always ensure the devices are firmly mounted and that the tamper springs are firmly engaged in place. It is preferable to screw mount the door magnetic contacts, rather than simply using the sticky pads.

The display keeps reverting back to time & date, when I have armed the system

When you arm the system, there will be confirmation of this displayed after the countdown (Alarm on) However this will disappear after 5 minutes to only show the date and time. This is for securiy reasons.

The PIR Motion Detectors do not flash on detection

The red PIR lights will not always flash, to conserve the battery life. If you are in any doubt of the operation of a PIR, vacate the area for up to 60 seconds, and test using the ‘walk test’ facility.

How long will the siren sound for when triggered?

As a default it is 3 minutes, you can amend  this in the advanced setting in your programme menu.

How do I change batteries in my devices?

Go into your programme menu (blue menu button, then enter your pin code followed by the tick key), to prevent an alarm activation. Then continue to change the batteries.

My pet is being detected using the Pet PIR Motion Detector.

Do not aim sensor towards stairs or furniture where the pet can climb and enter the detection area.

My Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detectors are not detecting at all.

The higher the sensor is mounted the larger the pet immune range. We recommend fitting the Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detectors at 2.3m or below. For full fitting instructions please refer to the installation manual.

I want to part arm my system at night, what do I set the upstairs sensors to?

The sensors upstairs must be programmed as ‘Home Omit’, to exclude them when in the ‘Home’ arm mode. If you have already configured your alarm, you can edit the settings of each device in the ‘Edit Devices’ section of the programme menu.

My siren is making extra beeps when armed/ disarmed.

First time install - will be that the tamper device is not fully depressed. 
Further to that it will be a low battery warning. All should show up in the fault log in your programme menu.

My Key Fob is not disarming the system.

As a default setting - The Key Fob will only disarm the alarm when the entry countdown has been triggered. 
This can be altered in the program menu by changing 'Key Fob entry' to ON. This will enable you to disarm your alarm system from outside of your property. 

The door contact is not triggering at all, why?

Try moving the magnet closer to the contact, the gap should be no more than 8mm, however this could also be too close, which then causes interference, so approximately 8mm. Ensure that the magnet and sensor are flush together with the magnet parallel to the flat-edge of the sensor.

The PIR Motion detectors are not detecting movement when armed?

Please test in system test then sensor test making sure you leave the protected area for 2 minutes before re-entering the protected area.

My Siren sounds when the system is disarmed.

The only thing that is active in a disarmed state, is the tamper. Please check that the siren tamper switch/spring Is depressed to its fullest. Some packing may be required if the siren is mounted on an uneven surface.

Can I turn the warning beep off on my control panel?

Yes, you will need to go into the programme menu and scroll to the advanced settings, scroll to warning beep and press the tick key, scroll to warning beep off and press the tick key.

My alarm activates imediately when entering the property.

Any device that could be activated when you open the door, should be set to entry mode. Which can be set in 'Edit devices' A device will trigger an instant alarm as a default setting (burgular).

My alarm is beeping every 30 secs with a red warning triangle.

This will be a fault in the system i.e A Low battery or a tamper fault. Please check the fault log to see what the issues are. 

My Alarm panel is displaying 'Alarm Alarm Alarm' on my display

Light up the panel, press the Green unlocked padlock, enter your code and repeatedly and quickly press the Tick key until the alarm beeps and  displays ALARM OFF

Why does the Siren make an interrupted tone when sounding an alarm?

This is because the Siren has low batteries. Change batteries with new alkaline replacements. 

Why does my Siren not respond to the Key Pad?

This could be for a number of reasons.

  • Key Pad may have a low battery or bad connection. Check the battery connections and polarity, if OK replace the battery.
  • Siren batteries may be completely exhausted. Check Siren batteries by removing the Siren cover, if there is no tamper alarm when removed, replace the batteries
  • with new alkaline equivalents.
  • Key Pad not learnt-in. If Siren produces a tamper alarm when the cover is removed, and the Key Pad is OK, learn-in the Key Pad.
  • Siren could be out of radio range.
Why is the LED flashing on my Key Pad when any key is pressed?

This means that the battery is low. Please change it following this procedure:

  1. Switch off tamper protection (this process can be found here in the installation manual on page 9, Table 1.) link to manual found on this page http://www.yale.co.uk/en/yale/couk/productsdb/alarms/-ef-series-alarms--accessories/Standard-Alarm-Kit/
  2. Unscrew the two Key Pad case screws and remove Key Pad back to reveal battery.
  3. Using a screwdriver gently lever out the old battery.
  4. Insert new CR2032 coin cell battery with the + side uppermost
  5. Press battery into holder firmly with finger and thumb until a click is heard
  6. Press a number key and check that the LED lights. If the LED lights the new battery installation is successful, screw the Key Pad case back on and the battery change is complete.
I am installing my Yale siren-based alarm, but I can’t disable the siren tamper. Why is this?

Your keypad may not be programmed in correctly to the siren. Ensure that the keypad program mode green LED is flashing when transmitting a tamper-off signal and the confirmation ‘beep’ is heard.

If the problem persists, try ‘re-learning’ your keypad, ensuring that the siren master/slave switch ‘4’ is set to ‘on’ and that you are in the ‘keypad programming’ mode.

Why is the siren not sounding?

Take out a battery and press the learn/test button a few times to drain any residual power. Then replace the battery and test again. 

My keypad will not disarm the system. It arms correctly, I hear the single siren confirmation ‘beep’, but why will it not disarm to give two ‘beeps’?

Please check your keypad PIN has been correctly set, it may still be stuck at the factory preset code. Try changing to your desired code again, taking care to not leave any gaps between the stages of the PIN setting process.

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