So what's an Overnight Lock?

The multipoint lock in your door works hard, so the fact is, it simply won’t last as long as a conventional lock. Nevertheless, it is still a nasty surprise to find yourself stuck inside or locked out of your home thanks to a broken lock!

Solve the problem before it arises

Providing you’re familiar with the five-point checklist check your lock page to assess the state of your multipoint lock, and you replace or repair your multipoint lock as soon as necessary, you shouldn’t have to resort to emergency measures.

BUT… If the worst should happen

Yale Doormaster™ overnight locks are designed to secure a door temporarily while a suitable permanent replacement lock is being sourced.

Designed with the professional installer in mind, and available in a variety of models, the Doormaster™ overnight locks offer a degree of security and peace-of-mind until the permanent solution is found.

You can learn more about our Doormaster™ replacement multipoint locks, by reading the product specification or by contacting your local stockist.