Which lock is right for me?

Yale Doormaster™ locks are designed to fit most PVCu, Composite and Timber Doors, but to be sure which products fit your door follow these steps and note down the answers:

1. Check what your door is made of?

Is it PVCu, Timber or Composite? 

2. Measure the Faceplate

Measure the width A of the metal faceplate on your existing lock.


3. Measure the Centres

Measure the distance B between the centre of the cylinder and the centre of the door handle – this must be 92mm for any Yale Doormaster™ lock to fit your door.

Please note: If the handles inside and outside the door are at different heights, measure the centres on both. If either are 92mm you will be able to fit this lock, but will require new handles – see Yale Replacement PVCu Door Handles.

Measuring the centre 

4. Measure the Backset

Measure the distance C between the centre of the cylinder and the metal faceplate of the lock (not the edge of the door)

Measuring the backset 

5. Measure the Reach

If your door doesn’t have hooks or bolts at the top and bottom, (as well as in the centre) this product may fit your door: Yale Doormaster™ Universal.

If your door does have hooks at the top and bottom, measure the distance between the handle spindle and the top D and bottom E hook/bolts.

        Measuring the reach

Now based on the answers to the questions above, use this table to see which Doormaster™ lock fits your door.

  Universal Adjustable Professional
Door Types PVCu PVCu PVCu, Timber & Composite
A Faceplate 16mm 16mm 16mm
B Centres 92mm 92mm 92mm
C Backset 35mm 35mm 35mm
45mm 45mm
D Reach (upper) N/A 520 – 860mm 385 – 820mm
E Reach (lower) N/A 545 – 875mm 408 – 845mm


What if no Doormaster™ product fits my door?

Contact your local Yale Expert. Our Experts have access to additional products that may be able to resolve the problem for you, and can advise you on what to do next.