NEW! Platinum 3 Star Cylinder


NEW! The Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder is a TS007 3 star Kitemarked Anti-Snap, Bump, Pick and Pull security product which provides superior strength against known cylinder attack methods.

The Platinum 3 Star Cylinder has been independently tested by BSI to be awarded the British Kitemarked TS007:2014 3 star accreditation. 

With lock snapping crime hitting the papers, Yale has designed a cylinder that defends your home with maximum security. Updating your cylinder is a simple and cost effective method of improving your home security. And the best bit is - you can change a cylinder within minutes. Find out how to change your cylinder here.

Visually, the Platinum 3 Star Cylinder deters would-be intruders with its clearly indentified 3 Star kitemark logo present on the face of the cylinder. It has a flat, horizontal key way with reversible key. This means it does not matter which way round you put your key in the lock and is a fantastic feature for ease of use.

The high security dimple cut blade key has a new nylon key head for ease of grip and identification. The key code can be easily identified through use of the key cutting code on the ID tag.

Available in brass or nickel, this stylish and secure lock will resist known attack methods. 

The Platinum 3 Star Cylinder will be available for purchase soon, keep checking back to for more information.