Yale It

Photographs, family heirlooms, children’s drawings… these things may not cost the earth, but we know that they often mean the most.

According a recent survey*, 74% of homeowners said their most expensive possession is not the most valuable to them. The survey revealed that, although computers and jewellery are the most expensive items owned, people’s most precious and sentimental items include photographs, letters, inherited items and their children’s drawings.

Although it can be inconvenient and distressing if higher value items such as TVs and laptops are stolen, in the majority of cases they are replaceable. However, it can be an entirely different story when it comes to rare, bespoke or sentimental items.

The same can be said for the memories and associations your family home holds, whether it’s family dinners every Sunday, building a den in the living room with the kids, or BBQs with friends in the garden. If a home is every broken into, these memories are compromised, and Yale wants to avoid this at all costs.

That’s why the ‘Yale it’ campaign urges you to consider the ways in which you can keep your treasured possessions safe. By thinking about investing in a house alarm, or changing your locks when you move, a few simple steps can make a big difference to keeping your home (and the memories it holds) protected.