Sold Secure


Sold Secure and the Master Locksmiths Association

Sold Secure is a testing house dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products. It is now owned and administered by the Master Locksmiths Association.

Sold Secure Approval is classified into three main categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold – with an additional Diamond level for certain products.

Sold Secure’s Diamond Standard incorporates all the cylinder vulnerability testing of BS 3621 and EN 1303:2005, as well as extra testing specifically aimed at the snapping of cylinders.

Products which have been satisfactorily tested will bear the Sold Secure Quality Mark on the packaging and the product itself.

With the absence of government licensing of locksmiths, the Master Locksmiths Association, is a not-for-profit organisation established to promote the level of skills and ethics within the locksmith industry.

If you’re looking for a locksmith, Yale advises that you use someone who has been vetted, inspected and qualified under the MLA.